Flavor that Sings!
“The two mixes I have tried from Whole Note are really good! And I'm very picky when it comes to #glutenfree. Two thumbs up!!” At a demo: “I have celiac, is this gluten-free?” “Yup!” . . . (Comes back looking very concerned) “Are you sure this is gluten-free??” “These are excellent! I’d never guess they were gluten-free and whole-grain. And by the way, I’m a pastry chef, so that means something.” – Jason Nancy: "Oh, wow . . . that’s the best pumpkin muffin I’ve ever had! If the gluten-free version is anywhere near this good, they’ve really got something!" Linda: ". . . That is the gluten-free version!" “That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!” – A non gluten-free person "On my way to see a friend the other day, I turned into my local Whole Foods and picked up a box of the [cappuccino & dark] chocolate muffins. My friend and I made them for ourselves and our three kids and they were delicious and gone in about 5 minutes! Great work!" – Carissa “I made the last crust following your instructions to the letter, and it turned out just great--miles better than any gluten-free pizza I have ever had before. My 10-year-old with gluten problems is happily devouring it as I write, and she is normally quite picky.” – Nicole "I tried your pumpkin bread mix and it was ***outstanding*** in its field! Very pumpkin bread spice but not too much, excellent tooth/texture, and not too sweet (the usual reason I don't do mixes.)" – Katherine “Just made your pumpkin bread and it got rave reviews from my family. It is so easy to make! I froze one loaf and we are devouring the other. We can’t wait to try your other products.” – Carolyn At a demo: "This [waffle] is better than Christmas!" At a demo: “We’ve tried lots of gluten-free pancake mixes . . . these are way better than any of the others. They taste normal!” “Just made pancakes with your gluten free waffle mix . . . I ate twice as many as I planned” – Barbara “We enjoyed some fantastic waffles this morning thanks to you. The texture was perfect and the taste amazing!” – Terry “Wish I would have bought 10 boxes of the pancake mix, they are amazing!!!” – Annmarie “The pumpkin bread was great. My daughter and I made short work of it!” – Robbi "The pancakes were whole grain but fluffy and delicious, and none of us thought they tasted gluten free!" – Jean “We made the crepes and they are truly delicious, and you’d never know they are gluten-free!” – Victoria “My kids and our friend and her son loved the pancakes. Cant wait to make him the pumpkin bread tonight for him to try” – Amber At a demo: “These are gluten-free? I thought they were the regular kind. They’re really good!” @amythefamilychef
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